Back To School Essentials



Set your kids up for success this year with these three ‘Back 2 School Essentials’:

1. Multivitamin: We all want what’s best for our little ones, however with today’s modern diet composed primarily of processed, nutrient deficient foods, it’s not always easy to get everything our bodies need every day. Top that off with a picky eater and it’s no wonder childhood obesity and learning disorders are at an all-time high. Set your kids up for success with a good quality multivitamin. When choosing a multivitamin, it’s best to avoid ones that are packed full of sugar and artificial colouring. Instead, be sure to select one’s that are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as real fruit juice, honey or maple syrup. Providing your children with a good quality multi will ensure they are getting the essential vitamins they need to keep their developing bodies and brains working optimally!

2. Efalex: The human brain is over 60% fat. That's why choosing the best fats is of upmost importance. Help your children get the healthy fats their brains need with things like olive oil, avocados, flax oil, and lecithin. In addition, supplementing with Efalex can help improve your child’s problem solving abilities, enhance focus and concentration, optimize coordination and balance, and is clinically proven to benefit learning/behaviour disorders such as ADHD.

3. Probiotics: Has your child recently taken antibiotics or experienced digestive disturbances? If so, supplementing with a probiotic may be useful. Your gut makes up 70% of your immune system. Making sure your child has an adequate amount of healthy gut bacteria will help your child ward off those nasty school viruses and keep those sick days to a minimum!

Teaching your kids from a young age the importance of good health will set them up for personal success and will help decrease their chance of becoming obese and suffering through unnecessary illnesses. Give them the essentials they need for a brighter, healthier future…they will thank you for it!


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