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New Organic Skincare Line

OM Marula + Cactus Nourishing Face Oil
Say goodbye to filler oils on your face. Our exclusive formulas consist of a diverse range of plant-based, oil soluble actives that are specifically designed to address various skin concerns. This particular formula is enriched with luxurious fatty acids, renowned...
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OM Flower Child Scented Roll On Perfume
Introducing "Flower Child," the ultimate embodiment of blissful aromatherapy. Elevate your senses and raise your vibration with this euphoric fusion of earthy, citrusy, and floral essential oils, now available in a convenient roll-on form. Experience the joy, harmony, and positive...
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OM Mini Charcoal + Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask
Clay masks designed for breakout-prone or oily skin have a tendency to dry out and crack, leaving your skin devoid of its natural oils and moisture. However, we set out to develop an extraordinary, deep-green mud mask that goes beyond...
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OM Kaolin + Coconut Milk Radiant Cleansing Balm
Experience the transformative power of our soap-free makeup and sunscreen remover that effortlessly melts away impurities, leaving your skin harmoniously balanced, luminous, and completely residue-free. Harnessing the remarkable benefits of Marula oil, renowned for its potent antioxidant properties, this wash-off...
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OM Blue Azul Soothing Cleansing Emulsion
Infused with a blend of carefully selected herbs renowned for their soothing properties, our product brings you the enchantment of pure plant magic. This luxurious and creamy emulsion is designed to gently cleanse and purify while providing comfort to sensitive...
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OM Bilberry + Tucuma Antioxidant Eye Cream
This exceptional formula is enriched with potent antioxidants that excel at minimizing the visibility of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. With a creamy consistency, it effortlessly absorbs into the skin and can be seamlessly worn under makeup. The natural...
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