You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray!


Did you know that your body produces Vitamin D from exposure to the sun. It’s not always easy getting that sunshine vitamin here on the rock. If Vitamin D came from RDF (rain drizzle and fog) we would be set! Plus the sunscreen and clothing we wear on those few sunny days we do get, makes it very difficult to get exposed to enough UVB rays for our body to produce an adequate amount of Vitamin D we need on a daily basis.

That’s why supplementing with Vitamin D is crucial. Especially for us Newfoundlanders. Getting adequate levels of Vitamin D can decrease your chances of developing heart disease, reduces your chances of contracting more serious diseases such as cancer, decreases the likelihood of developing the flu and of course plays an important role in bone health.

Not all Vitamin D supplements are the same and making sure you are taking a Vitamin D supplement that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body is key. That’s why we love Naka Pro-Vitamin D Sublingual Spray. This top of the line product offers superior absorbability, tastes great and is fun to take!

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