Botanica Ear Oil - 30ml
Prevents & Treats Ear Infections. Acute ear infections-otitis media with pain (use only if the eardrum in intact). Use for common ear infections in children caused by allergies (dairy, second hand smoke, animal dander) and viral or bacterial pathogens. Ingredients...
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Homeocan Tinnitus Pellets - 4g
PRODUCT INFORMATION  Helps relieve ringing and buzzing in the ears.• Effective relief Directions : Children (from 2 yrs.) and adults: let 3-5 pellets dissolve under the tongue 2-3 times daily and reduceintake as symptoms improve, or as directed by a...
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Bell Lifestyle Products Hearing Health - 60 Capsules
An innovative natural combination of vitamins, minerals, and bioflavonoids. Rich in antioxidants for protection of your hearing. Helps prevent damage from free radicals and oxidative activity. Provides the nutrients needed for all of your senses. Bell Hearing Loss Relief is a recently...
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