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Terra Nova Seal Oil 500mg - 120 Capsules

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If you are looking to add high quality, omega-3 to your diet this is the source. Each 500 mg. capsule is approximately 21% to 25% omega-3 and 3% omega-6, of which 4.7 % is DPA , 8.9 % DHA and 7.6 %. is EPA. Atlantic Marine Products omega-3 seal oil...
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If you are looking to add high quality, omega-3 to your diet this is the source. Each 500 mg. capsule is approximately 21% to 25% omega-3 and 3% omega-6, of which 4.7 % is DPA , 8.9 % DHA and 7.6 %. is EPA. Atlantic Marine Products omega-3 seal oil product is virtually cholesterol free at approx. 1mg cholesterol per 500 mg. capsule and is high in mono-unsaturates, "good" fat, and low in poly-unsaturates, "bad" fat . It's important to know that research, and testimonials, indicate that use of this anti-oxidated omega-3 oil product can actually raise HDL cholesterol, commonly termed "good" cholesterol, level and lower LDL,"bad" cholesterol, level. You are what you eat and omega-3 plays a significant role in brain and body functions: find out more from Susan Allport, award-winning writer specializing in science and food topics.

Did you know ?, those grocery items proudly declaring omega-6 content, and for that matter virtually all restaurant fare, rife with omega-6 oils are a detriment to good health? The advertising community promote plant oils like canola, sunflower, safflower etc. as great sources of omega-6 and even omega-3, primarily becausethey are relatively cheap and easy to produce and have high profit margins. In actuality, these are sources of omega-6 and widely considered to be the cause of disease and ill health in their over consumption. In actuality plant sources for essential fatty acid (EFAs) omega oils, contain little to no omega-3, rather are made up of Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA) and Linoleic Acid (LA) two Omega-6 components that compete in the conversion process to omega-3, resulting in low production of the essential fatly acids DPA and EHA. Essentially, the omega-6 ALA and LA are precursor omega-3 because they must be converted to omega-3 by our metabolism. Unfortunately, that conversion results, generally, in little omega-3 benefit in the biological process. Sources of plant omega-6 oils: flax, canola and walnut oil, predominately of ALA are rated the highest for conversion to omega-3, whereas cornoil, safflower, sunflower,soybean oil, predominately LA, are considered an omega-6 with virtually no omega-3 benefit. An over abundance of Omega-6 results in a nutritional imbalance ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. What's more, the food/grocery industry's extensive utilization of seed oils,ALA, is chiefly to provide taste/texture to products and for preservation/shelf-life.

Dietary supplements,fish oil and flax seed oil have became popular, yet there is a great deal to consider and comparatively both are inferior to seal oil, particularly flax seed oil.

Contrasted to fish oil omega-3 supplements, Atlantic Marine Products seal oil is 20% to 25% richer in omega-3 poly-unsaturates, including DPA which is minimal to non-existent in fish oils Fish oil Omega-3 supplements are often heavily processed concentrates lacking in natural nutritional balance. This is critical as DPA levels can be 10 times greater in seal oil and is known to be a significant catalyst for EPA. About a third of the long chain Omega 3 fatty acids circulating in human blood is attributable to DPA.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) . EFA's are catagorized in two types, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega 6 is derived from plant based oils and Omeg-3 from seal blubber and fatty fish. A healthy balance of the two EFA's is considered to be 1 to 1, perhaps 1 to 2 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3. However in North America the ratio is out of whack at about 14 to-25, even 40 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3.

Flax Seed Oil, plant derived Omega-6 source with certain Omega-3 benefits, is rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) . Such vegetarian ALA sources, are precursor Omega-3's that must be converted by the body into EPA and DHA. As such, however, only minor percentages EPA and DHA are actually converted. Interstingly, falxseed oil is taken from tiny, hard seed of the flax plant which also contains lingans, flaxseed oil, itself, however, is virtually devoid of lingans.It is suspected that diets rich in ALA Omega-6 may run a higher risk of developing macular degeneration and increased risk of developing prostate cancer and other maladies. Conversely, studies have shown that diets rich in omega-3 long-chain fatty acids derived from seal oil prevent these diseases. 

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Terra Nova Seal Oil 500mg - 120 Capsules
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